Investor Relations

Investor Relations Program

SSI Group, Inc.’s Investor Relations Office (IRO) is responsible for ensuring that shareholders have timely and uniform access to official announcements, disclosures and market-sensitive information relating to the Company. This entails prompt submission of reports and disclosures to the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with the policies and guidelines set by the said regulatory agencies, and the subsequent posting of the same documents onto the investor relations section of the Company’s website. The IRO is likewise responsible for receiving and responding to analyst, investor and shareholder queries. The IRO also oversees most aspects of the Company’s shareholder meetings, press conferences, investor briefings, and acts as the project lead in the preparation of annual reports, all of which are vehicles through which the IRO conveys information on the Company’s policy on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, and other qualitative aspects of the Company’s operations and performance.

Objective: To foster shareholder participation and build shareholder trust and confidence, thereby facilitating the Company’s continued access to the capital market.

Principles: Achieve fair company valuation through timely communication of accurate information to all stakeholders.

Modes of Communication: Through disclosures made to the SEC and the PSE, as well as investor briefings when applicable.


Investor Relations Officer:

Margarita A. Atienza
Tel: (632) 8901142


Stock Information

SSI Group, Inc.’s common shares are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the stock symbol SSI.
As of June 30, 2018, total outstanding shares of the Company were 3,311,186,430.
The List of the Top 100 Stockholders of the Company can be downloaded HERE.